It takes up to 10 days to produce and craft a jewellery piece at Studio Paula Fabbri. If you have urgency, just send us a message here on the website, at
e-mail: [email protected] or via WhatsApp +55 (11) 94147.1440 to check if we have the piece ready or if there is a possibility to do it before the mentioned deadline.
In the event of any delay in delivery, the responsibility is passed on to the postal service. We suggest consulting the deadline on the website
IMPORTANT: The deadline for delivery of the order is considered from the approval by the financial institution.
I still haven't received my order, what do I do?
- Delivery date - Check the expected delivery time of your order - Confirm the data provided for delivery.
- Payment - Make sure your order has already been confirmed for payment.
IMPORTANT: For payments with a credit card, the delivery time will be considered from the confirmation of payment by the credit card operator. When debiting a current account, Studio Paula Fabbri releases the order after confirmation of the payment made by the financial institution.
- Absence of the receiver - 3 delivery attempts are made. Afterwards, if there is no one to receive the product (s), they will return to the studio and you will receive a notification.
Our deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday, during business hours (8 am to 6 pm).
In the case of an apartment, check with the concierge to see if the product has been delivered.
- Order refusal - Make sure that the people in charge of receiving the order, such as doormen or other responsible persons, do not refuse to receive it.
- Natural and adverse factors - Delays may occur due to rain and flooding, accidents or strikes in the region where the product should be delivered, making it impossible for the carrier to deliver.


Studio Paula Fabbri delivers Globally through a partnership with DHL. Our pieces are sent via DHL and continue to be properly packaged, thus guaranteeing the integrity of the product throughout the journey.
All deliveries are insured by DHL and the value is calculated according to the order value. Extra fees regarding your country's customs legislation are not included.